Henty Compact Wingman Backpack

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Patented Wingman Technology keeps clothes fresh-pressed while commuting or overnight. Nylon Imported Two-bag system offers an outer layer to roll garments and an inner waterproof bag to keep toiletries, workout gear, and shoes separate Patented support system keeps clothes neat during transport Water-resistant bag keeps...

Henty Compact Wingman Garment and Gym Bag

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The Wingman is a favorite among work commuters and frequent flyers alike. Simply roll out, hang up, and have easy access to everything you need. Nylon Suit Bag High visibility waterproof rain jacket with taped seams to protect your bag and belongings Inner Tube –...

Henty Wingman Two-Piece Travel and Suit Bag

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The distinct two-bag system packs clothes, gear, and a tablet into a compact, on-your-back format. The Wingman lets commuters roll up garments and take them on-the-go with a virtually wrinkle-free experience. Inspired by cyclists and designed by Australian athletes, the Wingman makes the “getting around...


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